Come as you are. I do the same. 

My name´s Maria Spangler - my artist name is Mandira - and I am a Yoga Teacher, specialized in Yoga Nidra, Lucid Dreaming, Mantras & Sound and Yoga Therapy.

Since I was 14 years Yoga played a role in my life. After I received the diagnosis of rheumatism I dealt intensively with Yoga. During this time I experienced that Yoga is so much more than a physical practice.

I learned that I can always come to my practice, with whatever is there with me, no matter my physical or emotional state. Yoga and Meditaiton can teach us how to approach all these states. 

Dealing with pain, challenging emotions and uncertainty, the opportunity to be with everything that is there, exploring the subconscious, the incredible possibilities that open up to us when we find deep relaxation, opening up to explore playfully our creativity, findng our voice to express and to connect through singing, music and sounds and connection to ourselves, more than ourselves and to nature - that's what excites me. And here I am the most passionate about Yoga Nidra & Lucid Dreaming, Meditaiton and Mantras & Sound.

For many years I travelled the world, spending a big amount of time in India and Nepal to absorb everthing I could learn. I dedicated myself completly to this journey, to learn as much as possible about this path and to authentically teach - as I am very passionate about sharing the incredible gift that this path gives me and to accompany others in their processes.

Here is a Mantra from my heart to yours. This Video was made at the feet of the Himalaya in India: 


Yoga Teacher formation in India, 720 hours accredited by the Yoga Alliance

  • 200 hours of Yoga Multistyle (Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Hatha Yoga) in Goa
  • 300 hours of Yoga Therapy in Indore
  • 200 hour Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) in Rishikesh, including Harmonium training
  • Six-week Meditation Teacher Training in Indore
  • Yoga Nidra specialization (Live Online with Chitra Sukh)

Lucid Dreaming 
  • Active Dream Teacher Training with Robert Moss in France
  • Lucid Dreaming course in Guatemala and Lucid Dreaming Shadow Work Retreat in Spain 

Qualifcations for the use of Sound and Massages
  • Ayurvedic Massage training in Kerala, India 
  • Singing Bowl Therapy and Sound Healing in Kathmandhu, Nepal 


"I had the pleasure of attending Maria's yoga nidra and yin yoga classes and was completly blown away by the experience. With her gentle approach and words of support (+ beautiful voice and mantras!!) Maria took us on a whole journey through the self. Maria's teaching/sharing style is unique because it is a sincere reflection of who she is: gentle, luminous yet deeply powerful! 🙏"- Quitterie

I had the chance to join Ma Mandira Anand´s beautiful Workshop at Waldhealing Festival. For me it was a big door-opener to go back to the world of dreams and to give them more attention. Maria gave me some easy but effective tools to have a better connection to my subconscious mind, since then I started to remember my dreams and I am ready for the journey to get lucid. I am highly recommending the work of this wonderful soul 💙🧚‍♀️ -Dorota

Wonderful time learning and exploring the dream world with Mandira! She is very passionate in her craft so she is able to guide with expertise. There's much more to dreams than what we think... Plus, she welcomes you with an open heart ❤️
Great opportunity for personal growth and self discovery,
Highly recommend!
- Alexandre

"I did a lucid dreaming workshop with her and it was really nice! Still for a lucid dreamer as I am it was really interesting. I learned a lot of tricks, understood better how it works and got inspired for new things to try and how it can be helpful in my real life. I really recommend this workshop for anybody interested in lucid dreaming (you should all be ) if you are a lucid dreamer already or not! Thank you!!! xx2 "-Hugo

"Maria has opened up a new world for me in how I understand and interact with my dreams 💜 Her knowledge and sweet enthusiasm gives a warm and welcome feeling in her workshops and having the space to go deeper into intimate topics that have been asking for attention through re-ocurring dreams has been such a gift. Feeling so blessed!" -Alice

"After doing the workshop with Maria ! I did my first lucid dream ! YEH ! What an incredible thing to experience" -Andreanne

Really love the depth of understanding and experience that Maria has with lucid dreaming, not to mention her kind and passionate personality. I totally recommend her as a lucid dreaming or yoga teacher! - Sigrid

"I had the opportunity to attend an Introduction to Lucid Dreaming course in Barcelona, Spain. I really liked it because it integrates knowledge from different sources, both as Native American knowledge and as Eastern knowledge. I think it is excellent to take a course like this if you want to start delving deeper into the world of dreams, I highly recommend it. Maria is a very sweet and patient person, an excellent combination as an instructor of these arts." -Iván

"En chileno... terrible de buena la profe y la clase, soy super hiperactivo.
no medito mucho y me gustan las asanas de fuerza, en mi primera clase con María, me logre relajar con su inspiración y ejecución de la clase mas su musica en vivo.
la requeté recomiendo!!!!
😁🙏" -Joctan

"I had the pleasure to meet Maria on the beautiful New Healing where she did a workshop. A kindhearted and lovely woman who has a lot of experiences and knowledge about lucid dreaming and shares this with passion 🧡 thank you ☀️💛🙏" -Lin

"Ich habe Maria bei einem Lucid Dreaming Workshop erleben dürfen und war und bin immer noch sehr beeindruckt! Sie ist authentisch und herzlich und gab mir sofort das Gefühl mich öffnen zu können. Mit viel Erfahrung und Begeisterung teilte sie ihr Wissen und zeigte uns die große Welt des Träumens. Ich freue mich mit dir in Verbindung zu bleiben Maria und auf weitere Workshops mit dir. Bis bald 😘" - Franziska

"Maria hat eine ganz wunderbare Art ihre Yoga Stunden zu halten... voller Achtsamkeit und Liebe 💜" -Johanna

"Ich bin ein großer Fan von Maria und ich habe mit ihren Kursen Yoga für mich entdeckt 💗 Dankeschön 🤗" - Margaretha

"Ich hab das Mantrasingen sehr genossen! Ein absolutes Highlight - das wirkt sooo erfüllend und ansteckend...
Sehr gut und abwechslungsreich angeleitet und vor allem in der Gemeinschaft ein wundervoller Energiekosten!"

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Is this for you?

Are you interested in coming to Retreats, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Workshop or private Sessions Online or in Live with me? This might be for you if you...

  • ...are having a hard time to step out of the circle of thoughts and to truly rest
  • ...are dealing with pain, insomnia, nighmares, physical restrictions or emotional challenges
  • ...are longing to reconnect to yourself
  • ...are ready to look deeper and to grow psychologically
  • ...would like to explore the world of Lucid Dreaming in order wake up in your Dreams which will lead to a more consciouss life
  • ...are interested in getting access to your creativity and to explore playfully Mantras, Sound and different Instruments such as Harmonium, Guitar, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs 
  • ...are ready to step more and more into your authentic life