Yoga & Mantra - 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training 

Learn about the original pillars of the sacred tradition of Yoga and learn how to teach in an authentic way. 3 teachers will be there for you and each of us is specialized in different areas. 

Jeevmoksha Tenerife invited me to teach with them. Mili, Sara and me - we will be your teachers there and each of us will share with you what we are the most passionate about on the path of Yoga.

Mili will go in depth with you about ancient indian philosophy, inviting you to explore, discuss and to experience. And she will share with you anatomy classes you will actually remember - interactive and super interesting.

Sara will bring her amazing energy for you on the mat for Asana Practice and the Art of Adjustment - with her knowledgeable guidance you learn how to teach Yoga classes with an incredible depth of knowledge - and you will explore this miracle of a body, what it is actually capable of doing and how to connect body and mind.

And with me you will learn about Silence and the Art of Relaxation, how to peel away layers to drop into resting. You will also playfully explore Sound, different Instruments and your voice. And you learn how to incorporate Music and Mantras into your yoga classes. 

In addition, we work in an integrative way, bringing all these concepts to the concrete application of the modern and western world in which we live in order to achieve a state of peace and well-being that we can teach and transmit to others with full confidence.

After completing this training you will exactly know how to:

  • Teach memorable an unique Yoga classes creating a genuine connection with your students
  • Learn how to guide respectful, mundful and trauma-informed yoga
  • Create classes on various topics that add value and knowledge (e.g. chakras, moon phases, elements, emotions etc.) Include Mantras, Music and Sound in your sesions, providing all the benefits of these healing techniques

Next trainings:

Bali: 7.-28 Mai 2023

Tenerife: 19.November - 10. Dezember 2023

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