Private Sessions

Lucid Dreaming 

Why private support for your Lucid Dreaming practice?

  • You prefer 1-on-1 teachings, talking about Dreams is very personal
  • You are practicing already since some time and you feel stuck in some way 
  • You have questions regarding your Lucid Dreaming practice and want specific support
  • You have a specific theme or a specific dream you want to work with

Price: 60 minutes - 80 EUR, Bloc 3x60 minutes - 220 EUR

Online and LIVE available

For all private sessions get in contact with me: or +49/1702146816

Yoga Therapy or Hatha Yoga

Why private Yoga Therapy or Hatha Yoga Classes?

  • The classes will be completly tailored to your needs in private sessions. Especially useful if you are dealing with physical, psychological or emotonial challenges like neck, shoulder or back pain, depression, insomnia, burnout, rheumatism, etc. 
  • You are having a busy life - Private classes you can schedule individually acording to your itme schedule
  • If the classes are conducted LIVE, you also have the possibility that I drive to your place and you can practice in your environment, without loosing time on the way. 

Price: 75 minutes - 80 EUR, Bloc 3x75 minutes - 220 EUR, Bloc 5x75 minutes - 360 EUR. 

Online and LIVE available

Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing Massage

Why Sound Healing Massage & Yoga Nidra?

Through a short sequence of Yoga Nidra I will guide you into deep relaxation to open op for the effect of the Sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong and other instruments.

Our body is made up of 80% water. Water conducts vibration and therefore the vibrations of the sound massage have a deep effect on every cell of the body. The vibration spreads throughout the body and massages every single cell. 

Sound Massages can enable deep relaxation, releasing blockages and pain, increasing the quality of sleep and boosting the immune system.

Price: 55 minutes - 55 EUR

Not available Online, only LIVE