Lucid Dreaming & Yoga Nidra Retreat
"Dream, Rest and Connect in Nature"
8.-12. November 2023
Finca Altavista, Teneriffa

What awaits you?

Tap into the power of profound rest through Yoga Nidra & Soundhealing + Mantras.
Learn about the Art of Deep Relaxation: How to tap into relaxation during the day + before sleep, how to deal with insomnia + nightmares, find YOUR perfect bed time routine.
Discover the connection of Deep Rest and Lucid Dreams.

Learn different techniques and practices to experience your first lucid dream or how to get more lucid dreams.
Explore meditation techniques to enhance Lucid Dreaming, Rituals around Dreams, Dream Sharing practices to decode together our Dreams and daily Dream Sharing Circles. Experience the vast possibilities that open up through Lucid Dreaming.

Connect to your Dreams to meet parts of yourself that you haven´t meet or befriended yet. The more we allow ourselves to see what is truly there, the more we can step into an authentic life. And Dreams are absolutly wonderful for this as they give us direct contact to our subconscious. And the more we can connect to ourselves the connection to others changes as well. Time for yourself in Nature, Shared Dream practices and Group Dream exercises will guide us deeper into connection.

+Tenerife Nature Special
with conscious tourist guide Amanda Kirschner

  • Stargazing Tour to connect to the Night & Sky where you will learn about Dream Culture
  • Exploration tour of the stunning nature of Tenerife where we will connect to our roots

"Learn to wake up in your Dreams and to use the power of Deep Relaxation to wake up to your authentic life." - Mandira

This 5 Day - 4 nights Retrat is for you, if you...

  • ...are having a hard time to step out of the circle of thoughts and to truly rest
  • ...are longing for a time in Nature to reconnect to yourself 
  • ...if you never had a Lucid Dream and want to experience your first one
  • ...if you already had Lucid Dreams and want to experience more of them
  • ...are ready to look deeper and to grow psychologically, to see parts of yourself that you havent´t connected to yet
  • are interested in getting in direct contact with your subconscious
  • ...are ready to step more and more into your authentic life

Practical Information:

Where: Finca Altavista, Tenerife
When: 8.-12.11.2023, Retreat Start 8.11.2023 at 17:00, Retreat Finish 12.11.2023 at 16.00

Price: Early Bird till 31.8. for 540 EUR
Regular Price: 580 EUR

All prices include vegan food, Workshops, Instructions, a Stargazing tour and a tour in Nature. Accomodation is paid separately.

Single Room 128 EUR . - 1x spot
Double Room 108 EUR - 4x spots
Triple Room 88 EUR - 3x spots
Tent (our equipment) or own van: 60 EUR - 3x spots

Participants: Min. 4, Max. 13 participants

Important: No need to have any prior experience!
It´s not important what age you are, if you can touch your toes, if you already practice Yoga Nidra or if you are an experienced Lucid Dreamer or not, if you struggle with Remembering Dreams or not. Everybody is welcome. Come as you are.

Aditonal useful information

Staying longer: If you want to stay longer at the Finca to extend your stay in Nature, just let us know, you can arrive the earliest 5.11.2023 and latest Check-out could be 19.11.2023. There is also the option of getting massages during your free time.

Karma Yogi options:
1x Finca Karma Yogi (2 hours per day): tasks such as cleaning, removing trash, helping out in the kitchen, making the chimney fire, maintaining the shalas clean, etc. As Finca Karma Yogi you get-75% discount on accommodation price - only applicable for Triple Room + Tent Options, so this is 66€ oder 45€ less
1x Photographer Karma Yogi: taking good audiovisual content throughout during the workshops with your camera, 66 € less on course fees

Any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact me, I am very happy to answer all your questions.