Lucid Dreaming Online Workshop

Let´s dive together into Lucid Dreaming, tapping into the power of our dreams to engage with the vast possibilites that are there

What will you learn in this workshop?
-Benefits and the vast possibilities of Lucid Dreaming
-How to achieve your first Lucid Dream or how to get more Lucid Dreams
-Methods to induce Lucid Dreaming
-The meaning of Nightmares and their potential
-Yoga Nidra, to explore the hypnagogic state, the state between waking and sleeping

Till then, see you in the astral ✨

Time: 5.Juli 2020, 11:00-14:00 GMT+2 (German time)
Cost: 28 EUR
Where? At your home - Online

For registration send a message to:
The Workshops will be held via Zoom.

Be prepared for magic! ✨

Lucid Dreaming Online Circles

Join a beautiful community of dreamers to share dream and experiences and to grow and support each other as community

What are we doing in our Circles?

  • Connecting to each other as a community of Dreamers
  • Learning a process called "Lightening Dreamwork", to share our dreams and to decode them
  • Experiencing different meditations and methods to enhance Lucidity
  • Exploring different benefits of Lucid Dreaming and the vast potential 

Let´s dream big together!

Everybody interested in their dreams is welcome, being a Lucid Dreamer already or not

The first Lucid Dreaming Circle, Thursday, 7.5.2020 is GRATIS, after this the price is 9-13 EUR

Thursday, 4.6.2020
Thursday, 11.6.2020
Thursday, 25.6.2020

Time: 18.00-19:30

For more information and to register:
The Workshops will be held via Zoom.

Till then, see you in the astral

Join this magical Tribe of Dreamers across the Globe