Lucid Dreaming and Shadow Work

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid Dreaming means that we become aware that we are dreaming while we are dreaming. If this happens we can interact with the Dream.

Connect with your dreams, get in contact with your subconscious and progress in your spiritual path. Learn different techniques to achieve Lucid Dreaming and experience the vast possibilities of Lucid Dreaming. Get to know about Reality Checks and how to use a dream diary. Improve your dream memory and learn how to deal with nightmares.

And get ready for transformation. From Darkness to the Light – through Shadow Work.

What is Shadow Work?

What is a shadow? There are two types of shadow: dark shadow and golden shadow. Fear of death, shame around sexuality, fear of not being good enough, traumas - these are some aspects of the dark shadow. Hidden talents, hidden potential - aspects of the golden shadow. A shadow is something that we "rejected", we "denied", per definition by Carl Jung. It is a very powerful practice when we start to engage in the aspects of our shadow in our dreams and it becomes even more powerful if we can do this while we are lucid in our dreams. As we can interact directly.

Looking at what is there. Integrating. Remembering that we are Whole.

Practical parts used for discovering and enhancing Lucid Dreaming:

Yoga Nidra - Yogic Sleep

Yoga Nidra is a unique combination of deepest relaxation of the body and alert yet calm awareness of the mind. Through the practice of Yoga Nidra you experience the hypnagogic state. This is the state between waking and sleeping. It takes your brain to the alpha state and eventually the even deeper theta wave state. Alpha brainwaves are connected with states of deep relaxation. Theta brainwaves are connected with dreams and dreamlike images. Here, without effort or strain, you are able to tap into your own source of intuition, creativity, health and abundance. Learn to navigate in this powerful state.

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Shamanic Dreaming

Using the drum as a shamanic tool, the drum serves as a vehicle to the realm of dreams. We stimulate theta waves through rhythmic drumming, this leads to a shift of consciousness and we embark on the journey together. Get to know “Dream Partner Tracking”, a method to explore dreams together or go on a trip to the healing lake.