Yoga Studios, Retreat Center
Mandira is a "Travelling Teacher". She travels a a lot and is happy about any inquiry of yoga studios or retreat center that are looking for a teacher for a Workshop or also for staying longer term. Mandira taught in in Nepal, India, Portugal, Spain, Guatemala, Germany, Austria and Belgium and is open for this or any new destinations.
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Mandira taught Workshops and Classes at Fetivals in Germany, Austria and Spaun. Get in contact with her if you organize a Festival and you are looking for a teacher.
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Yoga in Nature
Experience Yoga outside, conect with nature. Mandira happily organize trips into nature e.g. for a group of friends or a women's day. Get in touch for details.
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Business Yoga
Yoga during lunch break or after work. Useful for prevention, relaxation, burnout, stress-management, depression, insomnia. Are you looking for a relaxation technique for your employees? Or a teambuilding excursion? Get in contact with Mandira for more details. References on request.