About me



My name is Maria and I am from Germany. I studied romanic languages and lived in Chile, Argentina and Brasil. I love to read, to travel, the sea and the beach, music, moving in nature and overall I love to share dreamwork and yoga. Since I was 14, Yoga has played a role in my life. After I received the diagnosis of rheumatism, I dealt intensively with yoga. For many years I was severely restricted by rheumatic inflammations. Through an ayurvedic panchakarma treatment and yoga, I could quit my medication for rheumatism. I regained my physical strength and found my way to outer and inner balance. And this is why I decided to dedicate myself to share yoga, as I want to pass on this incredible gift of healing yoga gives to me to other persons. I therefore focus on the therapeutic effects of yoga and see yoga as a lifestyle and holistic concept to bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

My harmonium is my steady companion. As music is medicine my classes always contain sound and music.

Another passion I love to share is my passion for dreams in the form of lucid dreaming + shamanic dreaming workshops. Dreams are also an incredible source of healing. By reconnecting with our dreams we proceed in our spiritual path, unlock creativity and much more. The benefits of reconecting with our dreams are just mind-blowing.

I would be very happy if you choose me to accompany you a few steps on your own path.

Looking forward to share my passion for yoga, sound and dreams with you

HariOm, Maria


Save the date:

31.08.2019 Lucid Dreaming Workshop in Munich, Germany

15.09.2019 Lucid Dreming Workshop in Dietfurt, Germany

21.+22. 09.2019 Lucid Dreaming + Shamanic Dreaming 2 Days-Workshop in Belgium

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About my teacher trainings

I did my whole formation in India as I wanted to learn the authentic way of practicing and teaching Yoga. 700 hours of my education are certified by the Yoga Alliance. I completed 200 hours of Multistyle Yoga in Goa and 300 hours of Yoga Therapy in Indore. I use the healing effects of sound in my lessons. For this, I did a 200 hour Nada Yoga training in Rishikesh, I play harmonium, lead Kirtan and connect Mantras with Asanas.                    Through various types of meditation I create space for healing and self-discovery. I deepened my knowledge additionally during a six-week Meditation Teacher Training in Indore. My formation as Active Dream Teacher I did with Robert Moss.

About my classes

I offer classes with Chidshakti Sound Yoga (yoga with sounds, moving, singing of mantras in combination with Chidshakti Prakriya®, a consciousness awakening technique, purification and detoxification of mind and body through asanas and meditations), Sacred Sound Circle (singing together kirtan) Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation technique), dynamic and still meditations (dinamic meditations with movement, dancing, music, laughing, catharsis + stil meditations with visualization, music etc.), Hatha Yoga. I also offer workshops for Lucid Dreaming and Active Dreaming (Shamanic Dreaming and Conscious Living).
Possible languages of instruction are English, Spanish and German.
Contact: info@mandirayoga.com