Hatha Yoga

  • Asanas (physical exercise)
  • Pranayama (working with the breath)
  • Meditation (different meditation techniques)

What´s behind the different components of Hatha Yoga? 


Asanas are physical exercises. And at the same time much more. Through our body we find access to what is deeper inside.

Your current health status, your age, if you practice sports, if you can touch your toes, nothing of this matters. You can always begin with Yoga. We want to recognize where we are and work with it. And: there are always variations. It's not about performance or competition either, just practicing and everything else comes on its own. You will notice a very quick change through your practice.


Trough Pranayama we work with our breath to bring balance into our life energy. You will get to know various breathing exercises. Every breathing exercise has a different effect. So we can use our breath very effectively for coping with stress,  insomnia, depression, for psychological and detoxification, to invigorate or to find peace.


Meditation is a status, it is something that happens spontaneously. Through meditation techniques we create space for it to happen. Get to know different "tools" to find YOUR access to meditation i.e. different meditation techniques:

  • Mantra and sound meditation: reciting mantras, using singing bowls
  • Silent meditations: observing the breath, mindfulness exercises, visualizations
  • Dynamic meditations: meditation in motion