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Yoga Nidra+Soundhealing


First Yoga Nidra Class GRATIS, so try out for free ❤

What is Yoga Nidra+Soundhealing?
Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation technique, it has therapeutical benefits, it is a powerful method for stress-management and you get access to your subconscious. You also explore the hypnagogic state, the state between waking and sleeping, so if you are interested in DreamWork, this is also for you.
Yoga Nidra will be combined with Soundhealing through singing bowls and harmonium.
Our body is made up of 80% water. Water conducts vibration and therefore the vibrations of the sound massage have a deep effect on every cell of the body. The vibration spreads throughout the body and massages every single cell, enhancing deep relaxation and healing.

Practical Info
Classes will be held via Zoom.
Price: 8 EUR per hour
Time: Starting 14. April- end of May
Tuesdays, 20:00-21:15 (CET)

Yoga Nidra+Soundhealing is suitable for beginners and advanced students. There are absolutly no prerequisites, you don´t have to be flexible. Come as you are.

To register and if you have any questions please contact: or +49170/2146816

Facebook+Instagram: MandiraYoga&Dreams

Yoga Nidra in English: every Tuesday in April and May

Online Lucid Dreaming Workshop

Are you also having crazy, unusual and vivid dreams during lockdown? Even Nightmares? Do you feel the call to explore your dreams? Or maybe you are feeling that call since longer and now is the time?

Let´s dive together into Lucid Dreaming, tapping into the power of our dreams to engage with the vast possibilites that are there

What will you learn in this workshop?
-Benefits and the vast possibilities of Lucid Dreaming
-How to achieve your first Lucid Dream or how to get more Lucid Dreams
-Methods to induce Lucid Dreaming
-The meaning of Nightmares and their potential
-The connection between Lucid Dreaming and Shamanic Dreaming

+ practical part to explore the hypnagogic state, the state between waking and sleeping

Till then, see you in the astral ✨

Time: Sunday, 17.5.2020, 13:00-16:00
Cost: 28 EUR

For registration send a message to:
The Workshops will be held via Zoom.

Be prepared for magic! ✨

Online Lucid Dreaming Circles

Join a beautiful community of dreamers to share dream and experiences and to grow and support each other as community

What are we doing in our Circles?

  • Connecting to each other as a community of Dreamers
  • Learning a process called "Lightening Dreamwork", to share our dreams and to decode them
  • Experiencing different meditations and methods to enhance Lucidity
  • Exploring different benefits of Lucid Dreaming and the vast potential 

Let´s dream big together!

Everybody interested in their dreams is welcome, being a Lucid Dreamer already or not

The first Lucid Dreaming Circle, Thursday, 7.5.2020 is GRATIS, after this the price is 9-13 EUR

Thursday, 7.5.2020 GRATIS
Thursday, 14.5.2020
Thursday, 21.5.2020
Thursday, 28.5.2020

Time: 18.00-19:30

For more information and to register:
The Workshops will be held via Zoom.

Till then, see you in the astral
Photo of a Lucid Dreaming Circle at the Colourful Tribe Gathering by Alice Wanderl Lands

Join our beautiful Community of Dreamers across the Globe

Due to the situation of Covid-19, there are currently no regular group courses or massages.

As soon as the situation changes, the following Yoga & Sound Healing Massage program starts in Dietfurt, Germany:

Shinbukhan Dojo Dietfurt Shinbukhan Dojo