My Offer- Dreams & Sound & Meditation & Yoga
Lucid Dreaming
learn about the benefits of lucid dreaming, how to remember your dreams, different techniques to achieve lucid dreams and astral travel, how to prolongate lucidity, how to deel with nightmares and sleep paralysis and much more
+explore the hyplogogic state: the state between waking and sleeping

Chidshakti Sound Yoga
  Combination of Sound and Chidshakti Prakriya®: Sound: sounds, moving, singing of mantras +
Chidshakti Prakriya®: consciousness awakening technique, purification and detoxification of mind and body through asanas and meditations, to know more bout the benefits of this Indian technique please visit Chidshakti Prakriya

Shamanic Dreaming
We use the drum as the horse - the transportation between the worlds.

We journey together through shamanic lucid dreaming: reentering dreams of each other, exploring healing journeys, connecting with animal guardians and spirit guides, learning about nightmares and we also play syncronicity games and dream theatre to bring consciousness and magic in every reality

Sacred Sound Circle
devotional Bhakti practice, singing kirtan together, get a deep conection to your heart, heal and experience the power of sound, musicality not necessary 

Yoga Nidra
deep relaxation technique,
get access to your subconscious,
therapeutical benefits, method for stress-management, for sawing a seed what you want to bring into your life: health, happiness, love, abundance, balance

+combined with the sound of the harmonium

you can balance your life and realize your true self with dimanic and still meditations
dinamic meditations: with movement, dancing, music, laughing, catharsis  +
still meditations: working with visualization, music etc.