Come as you are. I do the same.

Since I was 14 years Yoga played a role in my life. After I received the diagnosis of rheumatism I dealt intensively with Yoga. Through Yoga the journey of healing started. At so many levels. Yoga became a lifestyle. This is why I decided to dedicate myself to share Yoga, as I want to pass on this incredible gift of healing, this possibility of getting to know ourselves, to feel that we are Whole.

Yoga Nidra&Soundhealing - Dreams - Hatha Yoga

Experience Yoga Nidra&Soundhealing. Sound, music is medicine. Through the healing effects of sound in the form of singing bowls, playing the harmonium, guitar, ukulele and our voices we start the journey inside, into our hearts. Through Yoga Nidra we go even deeper, getting in contact with our subconscious and at the same time we experience deep relaxation. 

Through our Dreams we also get in contact with our subconscious and we can experience profound healing. I offer workshops for Lucid Dreaming, i.e. Dreams in which we are aware that we are dreaming. And Conscious Dreaming leads us to Conscious Living.

In Mantra Circles we sing together. We dive into Bhakti Yoga, the yogic path of devotion. Together we sing ourselves free.

In Hatha Yoga we work with Asanas (physical exercises), Pranayamas (breathing exercises) and various Meditation techniques. Important to know is, that Yoga is for everyone. Your current health status, your age, if you can touch your toes, nothing of this matters. There are no requirements, there is no competition. Also physical exercise is only a part of it. In addition, there are always variations and we experience what is good for us. We want to learn to listen to ourselves and our needs. We want to accept ourselves as we are and find healing through surrendering to the flow of life.

Let us experience healing together. Coming into our hearts. Remembering who we are and that we are Whole.

My name is Mandira and I am looking forward to share with you Yoga Nidra&Soundhealing, Dreams, Mantra Circles and Hatha Yoga. Here is a Mantra for you